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Hot damn. That was a long break, but I'm back with brand new flavours of
second-hand tobacco in the gift shop and an updated fan art page.

Not much Peabodying being done, but lots of World of Warcraft is being played! Come play with my awesome herb/alchem hunter Eyzaathe on server Mal'Ganis.
Update days have been changed to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also, Flying Spaghetti Monster Comic Day is Monday, September 26. If you've got a webcomic, post an FSM comic on that day and be touched by His noodly appendages. If you don't know about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, check the informative link on my Links page above.

I've got buttons! The menu pages are also pretty much done. Hooray for progress! I might change the update schedule to every weekday since I've been more diligent with this than I expected. With the Tues-Thurs-Sun schedule I have now, I have enough comics done to last me until November!

I have added a menu at the top and in the next couple days it will be chock full of useless information.
Also, it has come to my attention that this page looks terrible using the FireFox browser. It is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

8.28 is a real site, just like George Washington Carver really invented peanut butter. Early Peabody comics will be posted once per day until I run out of them, then new Peabodies will be released here every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Those are usually the days that I go to school or work the least. If I ever become the richest person on this side of Lake Okeechobee, then I'll be damned if I don't make a minimum of one thousand peabodies per day.

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Are there any things you think need to be changed about this site? Check all that apply.
Make the font darker, I can't read it.
Add lines between panels in the comic.
Its just not funny.
More stuff needs to be added to be menu pages.
More detail should be added in the comic.
The site looks boring.
The navigation buttons are confusing.
Peabody's limbs randomly change lengths. Stop that.
I would like more emphasis on other characters.
The whole layout is too vertical and horrible!
Overall, It's awesome and just needs a little improvement.
Don't change anything about Peabody comics! I love it the way it is.
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